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“We know a good cleaning is important to you. It’s important to us, too. That’s why we offer a variety of Janitorial and Cleaning Services along with a flexible cleaning schedule.”

-Jean Marie Quick, Mother, Wife, Entrepreneur and Humanitarian




When hiring a professional to clean your home or facility, most people expect values. Their first concerns are trustworthiness, confidentiality, and quality of services.  You expect to know who you are hiring.

Jean Quick, the Founder and President of Cleaned Quick, LLC, grew up in Deer Park, Texas. Ambitious from the start, she was an early adopter at Deer Park High School.  She is involved in her local community as an active member of the Chamber of Commerce, Houston Access, Business Professional Women’s, BNI and other civic groups. She also serves on several Civic & Community Board Of Directors. Jean recently started a non-profit “Elite Helping Hands” offering House Cleaning Services for those in need.

While working with a cleaning service Jean noticed a disturbing trend in the industry, many cleaning companies were working under the table.  They were not licensed nor insured.  She also noticed that the workers did not want to be there and literally did the minimum they could get away with.

Instead of seeing the negative, Jean saw opportunity.  She opened Clean Quick and immediately got her business license and insurance.  She also hired quality workers and furnished them with the proper training &  equipment. Her first priority was the clients’ satisfaction.

Being “legal” and insured, coupled with raving testimonials from past clients, Cleaned Quick jumped ahead of the game.

Jean has steered Cleaned Quick here in Houston Texas through her professionalism and customer service into a multi-state operation.

Jean plans on Cleaned Quick to grow throughout the South. She knows the secret to growth is quality, trust, confidentiality and impeccable customer service.

We are Licensed, Insured & Bonded!